Don't Let A Little (Or a LOT) Of Wallpaper Keep You From Your Dream Home!

Maggie Hase

You've found THE house!  The ONE.  The perfect match to the dream home you've had in your mind since the day you started looking. has wallpaper.  A lot of wallpaper!  Don't let a little wallpaper scare you from buying your dream home. In this blog we are going to help ease your fears surrounding floral prints, vintage glam or even those ugly borders of the 80's.


  1. Prepare the Room: Clear the room of furniture and cover the floors with a drop cloth or old sheets to protect them from water and debris. Remove any fixtures or hardware attached to the walls.

  2. Score the Wallpaper: Use a wallpaper scorer or a utility knife to perforate the wallpaper surface. Make sure to create enough perforations to allow water or solution to penetrate the wallpaper and reach the adhesive behind it.

  3. Apply Wallpaper Remover Solution: Mix a wallpaper remover solution according to the manufacturer's instructions. Apply the solution generously to the scored wallpaper using a sponge, roller, or sprayer. Let the solution soak into the wallpaper for the recommended amount of time, usually around 15-20 minutes, to loosen the adhesive.

  4. Peel or Scrape the Wallpaper: After the soaking period, start peeling or scraping the wallpaper from the wall using a putty knife, wallpaper scraper, or your fingers. Work from the bottom of the wall upward to prevent damaging the drywall or plaster. Be patient and work slowly, especially if the wallpaper is stubborn or has multiple layers.

  5. Clean and Prep the Wall: Once all the wallpaper is removed, clean the walls thoroughly with water and a mild detergent to remove any remaining adhesive residue. Rinse the walls with clean water and allow them to dry completely before repairing any damage, sanding, and priming for painting or applying new wallpaper.

Remember, the difficulty of removing wallpaper can vary depending on the type of wallpaper and adhesive used, as well as the condition of the walls underneath. Be prepared for some trial and error, or if you aren't a DIYer, as your REALTORS and all things homes resource, we can connect you to a local professional to take on your project.

So don't let the cosmetics of a home, including wallpaper stop you from buying your dream home!
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